Rental Regulations for Warsaw Concept Apartments
The business of Warsaw Concept consists in the rental of apartments for short-term
(up to 30 days) and long-term (over 30 days) residential purposes.
1. A hotel night starts at 14:00 and ends at 12:00. A later check-out up to 18:00 has a surcharge of 50% of the daily rate, after 18:00 the surcharge is 100% of the daily rate.
2. Guests of Warsaw Concept bear full financial responsibility for any damage, destruction or theft of property which is their fault or the fault of persons who visit them.
3. Warsaw Concept may refuse to accept a Guest who, during their previous visit, violated these Regulations, causing damage to the property of Warsaw Concept or its Guests, or a personal injury, or otherwise interfered with the quiet enjoyment of other Guests, or with functioning of Warsaw Concept
4. In the case of suspected violation of these Regulations or suspected criminal offence or misdemeanour, the Landlord has the right of access to the apartment in any situation.
5. In order to preserve the privacy of Guests, Warsaw Concept provides cleaning service for the apartment on request only. A notification of such a request must be made before 10:00.
6. A cleaning service including a change of towels and bed linen for long-term guests is provided once a week on the same day of the week, agreed with the Guest at the beginning of their stay.
7. Necessary repairs and maintenance are carried out after prior agreement with the Guest.
8. Using the apartments for purposes other than residential e.g. organizing events, parties, or celebrations for more people than the apartment is designed for is not permitted. A violation of this prohibition will result in a penalty charge made to the Guest’s account amounting to 800 PLN as well as a possible termination of the Rental Agreement with immediate effect. The guest is obliged to open the door to the security staff of the building. Not opening the door can result in disconnection of the electricity supply to the apartment, to which the Guest herein agrees.
9. The Guests of Warsaw Concept are bound to observe quiet hours between 22:00 and 6:00. The violation of the quiet hours period will result in a penalty charge of 800 PLN made to the Guest’s account and an additional penalty charge to the value of the amount of the bookings of other Guests, who due to the violation of the quiet hours have suffered damage in the form of a lack of appropriate comfort and terminated their Rental Agreement, as well as the possibility of termination of the Rental Agreement with immediate effect.
10. A loud party or other violation of the quiet hours period applies to noise levels equal to or higher than 45 dB measured at the door of the apartment or on the balcony on the floor above or below the balcony of the apartment.
11. Warsaw Concept is an entirely non-smoking premises. The smoking ban applies to the apartments, common areas, and balconies. A violation of the smoking ban will result in the imposition of a penalty charge made to the Guest’s account to the amount of 800 PLN for short-term (up to 30 days) Guests and 2,000 PLN for long-term (over 30 days) rentals.
12. If the Guest flagrantly or persistently breaks the applicable home regulations or by their inappropriate behaviour makes the use of other apartments in the building otherwise onerous, Warsaw Concept may terminate the Rental Agreement without notice.
13. Guests who lose a key or lock themselves out will be subject to a penalty charge made to the Guest’s account amounting to 500 PLN, which represents the cost of replacing the lock.